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Water Heater Maintenance in Alpharetta

Just Water Heaters offers reliable and 24 Hour water heater maintenance in Alpharetta 30022, 30009, 30005, 30004 and all surrounding areas in Fulton County and Atlanta. Every smart car owner will tell you that it is always wise to check the oil in your car lest you want to risk an expensive engine repair. As they say, prevention is always better than cure. Talking of prevention, did you know that it is always important to do a water heater maintenance to ensure that your water heating system is functioning well? We understand the importance of keeping your house or business safe and efficient. That’s why we always insist on doing regular water heater maintenance to keep everything water heating system running smoothly. 

The water heater maintenance services are vital keeping in mind that unlike other heating and cooling devices which are turned off seasonally, your water heater is used every day. This results in accumulation and sedimentation of debris, a feat that can take a toll at the lifespan of your water heater.  Did we also mention that it can reduce the efficiency of the water heater thus costing you more money on utility bills? Thankfully, there is a way around this, thanks to our professional water heater maintenance services for homes and businesses in Alpharetta. 

Alpharetta Water Heater Maintenance

Our Common Water Heater Maintenance Procedures

Our Water Heater maintenance services in Alpharetta come in form of preventive repairs on your systems. In other words, our team of certified water heater experts will come do a check on your water heater and run some routine procedures to prevent any potential problems. Some of the water heater maintenance procedures we do for our clients in Alpharetta include:

Water Heater Flushing

This is a water heater maintenance procedure that involves removing mineral sediments that continuously form at the bottom of your tank. The mineral deposits will form faster if your water is hard and the deposits can act as insulators hence reducing heat transfer into the tank.  To prevent this from happening, our team will do a sediment flushing hence improving your water heating efficiency thus saving you a lot on energy bills. 

Replacing the Anode Rod 

This is another very common water heater maintenance procedure in storage tank water heaters. The anode is a long metal bar inserted into the tank to prevent the tank lining from running. This is known as sacrificial protection and our water heater maintenance visits are supposed to ensure that the rod is still good enough to keep your water heater rust free.

Cleaning Tanks

One other very necessary part of water heater maintenance involves scrubbing off any debris stuck on the walls and on the floor of tanks. This is a process that involves turning off the water heater then draining off the tank before scrubbing off any sediments that should not be in the tank. This is should be done frequently to ensure that the efficiency of your heating system is not compromised. 

We Offer the Best Water Heater Maintenance Services in Alpharetta

Now that you know the importance of doing a regular water heater maintenance, why not let our experts handle the maintenance for you? Just talk to us if you have any questions about our water heater maintenance services, or would like to schedule an appointment with our team of water heater experts. 


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